Privacy Policy

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Our Privacy Policy:

  • Our website uses cookies that give us the freedom to check on your browsing preference. Through this, we can determine various information including your browser type, browser version, pages accessed, etc. This allows us to monitor the traffic on our site, which helps us determine if our process is working. We also use the information we gather for making our content better, as well as make our offers more personalized.
  • Kidzania Toy Store has full rights to update the content of this page without royal vegas sending any notifications to our customers. We highly suggest that you revisit this page and read our Privacy Policy to ensure you are aware of any changes made.
  • We never share nor sell your personal information to anyone or any company as we value your privacy. Your information is guaranteed to be safe with us.
  • Your personal information is not required for browsing the content of our website. The only time that you will be asked for it is when you order online as we’ll need your information for processing the order. Your information will also be asked if you contacted us for any issues or questions. We’ll use your details to respond to you.